CCECD recruits qualified, hardworking and ambitious students from India for higher education and career development in Canada.



CCECD aspires to identify, qualify and assist India’s hardworking, ambitious and talented youth. We help students that seek training and education in Canada to help meet their ultimate career goals. By providing the tools and resources to learn and develop practical skills, and acquire knowledge that is in high demand,  CCECD helps prospective students develop a pathway for professional success.  

Aligned with a high standard of professionalism and ethical responsibility, CCECD will take prospective students through a well-defined and structured step by step application process. We utilize partnerships with selective Universities, Colleges and Vocational Training Institutions in Canada to maximize the value of the CCECD experience.


Education Planning

We will act as your mentor and advisor to help you select the right fit for your education and career development goals.

Education Planning >

Career Development

Let us assist you in finding the best jobs in the best companies once you complete you educational training.

Career Development >

Visa Counselling 

Getting enrolled through CCECD, students will have the advantage to gain permanent residency through appropriate channels.

 VISA Counselling >